Bookmarks WebMaker

Bookmarks WebMaker 1.4

Make a fully customizable website containing your bookmarks and favorite links
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Bookmarks WebMaker allows you to make an entire website with links to your internet explorer favorites.
Using this software you will be able to easily access your favorite webs through your internet browser, publish online and share your bookmarks with your friends, family or partners, save the website to an offline source (cd-rom,dvd,floppy...) and keep your bookmarks with you wherever you go.
You can fully customize the look of your webpage or choose one of the layouts already included with the software.
Some Bookmarks WebMaker features are: different layouts to choose from, rate and include descriptions of each page, manage and organize bookmarks, search the net for links related to your favorite webs, you can set the generated website to be internet explorer's homepage so you can easily access your bookmarks, you can customize multiple aspects of the web and even include html meta tags which are automatically generated.
With this new version you can even publish the generated website at to access it from anywhere at anytime.

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